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Top Belize Lawyer To Represent Victims Of Sanctuary Belize Real Estate Scam

Our law firm, Glenn D. Godfrey & Co. LLP, has been contacted by many of the victims of the Sanctuary Belize Real Estate Scam seeking advice on how to recover their hard-earned money. As the leading law firm in Belize, we are well placed to help.

At the Federal Trade Commission’s request, a federal district court issued a temporary order that to shut down the biggest overseas real estate investment scam the FTC has ever investigated. The alleged scheme took in more than $100 million by marketing lots in what the defendants said would become a luxury development in Belize. The development went by various names, including Sanctuary Belize, Sanctuary Bay, and The Reserve.

In November, 2018, the FTC filed suit in federal district court alleging that the defendants misrepresented what they were building, how long it would take to build, and what returns buyers could expect from purchasing a lot in a beach community in Belize. The FTC also alleged that the defendants misrepresented how easy it would be to resell lots.

In December 2018, the Court issued an order to shut down Sanctuary Belize/The Reserve temporarily, and instructed a receiver to take control of the company. The Receiver is a person appointed by the court to locate and manage assets that belong to the defendants and the businesses and people that work for the defendants.

If the FTC wins the case, and if the Court approves, the Receiver will turn over the defendants’ assets to the FTC. Thereafter, the FTC will return those assets to those who invested in lots at Sanctuary Belize/The Reserve.

It could take many months — or even years — for this case to finish. The length of a case depends on what happens in the case. To ensure your claim is properly dealt with by the FTC and that you get your money back expeditiously, we recommend that you instruct a Belize attorney to fight your corner.

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