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The founder of our law firm, Glenn D. Godfrey, served as the Attorney General with the Belizean government in 1993, having served as a Parliamentary Member in the National Assembly in the years prior. He has also been Senior Counsel in the Supreme Court of Belize (1990). The firm has more than 40 years experience working with companies both domestic and international who are doing business in and/or from Belize.  A law firm should offer more than simply creating your corporate structure. There are many ongoing and recurring administrative and financial services that are best managed by a legal professional in Belize, such as fiscal planning with knowledge of multiple jurisdictions, and legal compliance in an ever-changing environment.  

Our greatest strength is our people: their knowledge of local and international law, along with their passion to stay abreast of the ever changing environment of legal matters and precedents.

As attorneys in Belize, we can act as an agent for you in registering your vessel with The International Merchant Marine Registry of Belize (IMMARBE), which has the advantage of being a reliable and cost effective undertaking. We also offer our services as advisers and agents on practical matters related to shipping such as financing, liability, liens and so on.  In Belize, divorce in legal terms comes in two varieties: consent or contested. A consent divorce is a matter in which both parties agree, at least at the beginning of the process, that they will each sign the necessary documents once prepared. Of course, that decision to sign can change during the process of negotiations, but the divorce will remaing a "consent" procedure. A contested divorce, on the other hand, is one in which one party does not agree to the separation of assets and dissolution of the marriage.  

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With our domestic platform and our global reach, we can meet your legal needs wherever you do business. From establishing a new operation to ongoing compliance and administrative services, as well as incidental matters that require legal counsel, our law firm has the experience both domestically and internationally to help you develop your business to its full potential.

Doing business in Belize? Whether your company is foreign or domestic, conducting business often requires the services of a lawyer, from forming a company and opening a bank account to more complex matters of financing growth, M & A, shareholder agreements, and complying with legal obligations.  If you want to establish a commercial venture in Belize, you will need local legal support to navigate permit and licensing requirements, draft employment contracts, comply with local and global tax laws and conduct administrative transactions with the Belizean government. With our domestic legal expertise and global reach, we are the firm to provide the legal support your operation needs.  

Glenn D. Godfrey & Company LLP strives to operate as a one stop shop of legal services for its domestic and international clients doing business in and from Belize. With over 40 years experience in law, and a support staff of more than 20 paralegals and associates, we have earned an excellent reputation internationally for delivering services at a high level of expertise.

Our firm was founded in 1979, and now boasts more than 40 years experience in domestic and international law. We offer highly personalized service to our clients both at home and abroad with the perspective of our vast global expertise. We have forged strong connections to the legal and political communities of Belize as well as an international business community to offer sound professional advice in matters of corporate law and business management.  

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